neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|Skilled C++ Builders Inform the Reality in 2021

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|Skilled C++ Builders Inform the Reality in 2021


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  1. From a business perspective the best tool set meets requirements while minimizing TCO.

  2. In my own subjective opinion, C++ is not very good language because of its cons. But it is a very good language because it's very powerful. And great power requires great responsibilities. XD

  3. I know C++/C#/C/Python/PHP and a couple others.
    Got to say that at least for me, C++ is the closest to how a brain works.
    But it is an old language, even though updated, and it shows when you try to do something like… make a GUI.
    Also, easiest the most fun language to use. Wrote 2 emulators with it, wouldnt even want to in any other language.
    Although you could use any really.. but, the newer the system you want to emulate, the more you should consider C++ or at the least, C.

  4. Can someone plug a thumb drive in my brain and teach me the ins and outs of C++?

  5. hello stefan, i enjoy your videos on life lessons but not your advice on how to become a developer. you of all people should know the reality of what it takes to get a junior developer job (if that even exist). truth is most developers don't know how to solve basic coding challenges, understand closures under the hood, design patterns, unit testing, oop, functional programming, data structure/algo/big-O, async, promises. most only know how to follow tutorials and code along but when given a blank sheet, they are completely lost.

  6. Here in UK, there's still some demand for c++ developers specifically by drone and microchip/microprocessor companies like Qualcomm.

  7. A wise man once said: " Your first programming language is like mother tongue."
    C++; Love++;

  8. Imagine how much computational power the world is wasting not running c++ and c.

  9. I took the time to learn C++ because I felt C# (that I use at my job) hindered my ability to understand how computers actually work. I'm glad I spent the last 2 years teaching myself off and on. It's actually helped me become a better C# programmer at work.

  10. HR departments do not understand programming. I've been disqualified because I hadn't used express even though I was a node dev. I've been disqualified for not working on a project that used an MVC pattern which takes 30 minutes to learn. They treat technologies like silos that have no overlap between them.

  11. Almost everything that we have today is built on top of C/C++
    Phyton is built in C for example, C++ jobs will still alive for almost forever, each company or studio that wants to have control of everything in terms of software, a C++ developer will be of great help, of course a C++ developer is not a cheap developer.

  12. Hi 💭 coding ⚡️ the future of being a code dud 🚦career outlook in 25 years for the young 🚶🚶🚶 robotic coding 🧤🖐🏼 ?

  13. Experienced Devs. Look mid 40s… actual age: 27

  14. C++ tends to be one of the most hated languages out there. For no reason actually. It's super fast and it's complexity is completely up to you. Wanna use it like more primitive C? As you wish. Want a thousand classes, libraries and dependencies? C++ got you covered.

  15. Funny thing is that I’m a Go developer. Which is suppose to be even more rare than C++. Yet I’m always able to get a job in Go. As a matter of fact I find myself getting offers far more frequently than I got back in the days when I was a Java and Python dev.

    I guarantee you C++ developers have little to no issues finding work. C++ is in a lot of places. It’s not the sexiest language. And of course they don’t really teach it in bootcamps. Hence the perception that it’s not as popular. But like I said C++ isn’t for your sexy frontend position.

  16. You convinced me to like your video on the thumbnails posing bit lol

  17. I work primarily in python and javascript and realised I needed a low-level high-performance language for my toolbelt. Rather than C or C++ I have opted to invest in rust, simply because I don't write enough speed-sensitive code to become an expert and rust makes it much harder to shoot myself in the foot.

    There still aren't many "rust" jobs, but python/node JS teams will often be willing to use it in the performance bottlenecks as it can save thousands per month.

  18. The money in C++ is as a developer in quant finance.

  19. Did you just make a video by reading a Quora question you googled?

  20. The problem today is that coders who code web apps are in demand and praised while engineers, scientists real programmers are in embedded systems, air traffic control systems, nautical systems, robotics etc. And those fields require c/c++ and Ada. Bullshit web development
    or developing something useful to the world. And this is why there are more web development jobs than any other jobs.

  21. I've chosen to learn C++ very recently due to what I can learn from writing better code, preventing memory leaks, understanding how memory is allocated to variables, and so on.

    Have a WordPress background, and subsequently learned PHP.

    Used vanilla JavaScript, on and off. The amount of JS libs is becoming a bit daunting at my age (47 this year), and not sure which one to invest my time in.

    Really hoping that I can get a good grasp of several languages before I reach 50 (age seems to not be a factor when it comes to coding).

    Hopefully, once I get a good understanding of C++, this will help me to learn other languages easier.

    As a kid, I learned to code in most BASIC languages, but never got the opportunity when I became a young adult to use my skills in a full-time job.

    In the couple of months that I've been learning C++, I keep coming across online posts that are negative and positive towards this language.

    Looked at paid courses, and the pricing levels mostly seem massively inflated for the small amount they offer. Talking about one on one lessons.

    Invested in a couple of C++ books. Will also try out a few online courses.

    I find it very difficult knowing where to invest my time whilst learning.

    Your vids certainly help! Follow you on another YouTube account.

    Have some money coming in in a few weeks time. Will have to take a closer look at what you can offer me as a student.

  22. C/C++ is most often used in anything requiring speed, compact code size or full control to what is actually happening "behind the scenes" so you don't get any surprises. Basially video games, graphic/video/music making and editing software, realtime signal processing, embedded systems (all your household electrical gadgets), operating systems, etc. need to be written in C/C++. C/C++ is a systems programming language, which goes as close to the hardware level as possible, without actually being assembler language. You get about the same amount of control to what the language does. This means you don't get nasty suprises with sudden memory allocations, garbage collection, etc. in the middle of time critical routine execution.

  23. To my knowledge programing is not about language but about coding, switching to another language is really not that of a problem.

  24. what the fuck video is ?? if you dont have nay content thyen create once C++ very less jobs everyone knows

  25. c++ is not that bad but its standard library is garbage, Bjarne Stroustrup is amateur

  26. C, C++ is far complicated them people can see from a distance. There is posix certified, posix compliant, etc. There is C89, C99, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, etc. Windows platform, Linux/Unix compliant, etc.

  27. New Telegram channel: C++ quizzes

  28. C and C++ are not as portable as people make out, not without a ton of preprocessor macros, all the basic "types" in these languages are compiler implementation specific and there is still a ton of code out there which uses these types.

    Also, Java wouldn't be where it is now if Sun hadn't paid a lot of organisations/businesses and individuals to build applications and courses for it in it.

  29. can we code with cplus plus in unity

  30. sHoUlD i LeRn tHiS lAnGuAge. Dude I've contributed to the ISO standard and I still know nothing about c++. No one does. Learning a new language is just not a concept I hate it. Using it as a career may be tangential, but everyone retrains with 1 bazillion tools all the time, so you actually just gotta focus on the area which you work in, wether it me embedded systems, or web design, or anything.

  31. If you want low level access to hardware, then you are going to need to use assembly, C, C++, or Rust. Which you use depends upon your business requirements, platform’s resources, and staff skill set. For instance, if you are writing a navigation system for ships, then you aren’t going to put it dock often (if ever), so you need a proven language, like the C languages. C works with less resources, but C++ has the benefits of object orientation. Rust helps you manage your resources best of all, but it does so by using resource management patterns. If you need direct access to hardware, then you’re limited to assembler. Anyone that thinks these languages are dead is not very knowledgeable of technology implementations, past and present. Frankly, I see this languages making a BIG comeback with the need of cybersecurity controls; cybersecurity requires access to all hardware, all levels of the OSI, and demand the speed of low level systems code.

  32. I regularly use C/C++ for embedded coding, Python for general purpose coding and have a background in various other languages where I can make some maintenance but will not use to start a new project such as Java, Go, Visual Basic, C# …
    What I learned from experience is that sticking to one language is a bad practice that's pretty obvious, you should be able to adapt depending on context. But being too versatile and eventually reaching the point where you're a good developer with wide general culture, but mean in every technology is also a bad practice.
    For a good balance you should be expert in few technologies and have a good general culture to be able to say when you'll not be the best developer to do the task.

  33. I should probably learn both c++ and js in the time I am arguing.

  34. If you would like to do fast computations, use FORTRAN! Modarn FORTRAN is object-oriented language and is much easier to learn than c++.

  35. "C++ has its plus an minus" – C++ has pluses, 2 to be exact.

  36. I would like to add that in other terms without Grandpa there's no Grandson that is Without C/C++ there would be no Python, Java, PHP and Javascript and others of whom most young ones boasting cause majority are up only to those lingo that are easy to learn and grasp.

  37. Well…
    There are programming languages, and then there is C++

    Class apart.

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