neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Android 12 Beta 3: High new options!

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Android 12 Beta 3: High new options!


Neoweb4u|The entire prime options that we have uncovered in Android 12 Beta 3! 3000 likes and you will find our unique 9to5Google Android 12 Beta 3 wallpapers proper right here: …


48 thoughts on “neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Android 12 Beta 3: High new options!

  1. Beta 3 wallpaper still not added !

  2. It seems you are a big fan of One Punch Man. So am I.😅

  3. Where is wallpaper ? 4K likes already !

  4. The face screen rotate feature is not to make it fast its for convenience for people who don't enable auto rotate while lying down

  5. Why are so many ppl complaining about Android 12, shut up already grown ppl acting like kids. I'm not surprised 1 bit.😂

  6. I'm not a fan of the themed icons – the colours help you know what app is what and this removes that. It's the same reason I didn't like the new Google icons like many people

  7. I'm really not happy with how chunky everything is getting: the new pull down menu, the search bar etc. Also, I hope they give us the option to still use a long press on the power button for home control and Google pay, I got have gotten very used to that and the new method seem very clunky.

  8. I hate everything about Android 12. I like the cleanliness and simplicity of Android 11 quick setting buttons. Making things larger should be an accessibility setting, and not forced on everyone. The fact that they are getting rid of the submenus in settings is asinine. I use those regularly to help me find things quickly and easily within settings. I don't need my apps, icons, buttons, etc to have a color theme that matches my wallpaper. If I wanted my phone to look and act like an Apple OS, I would have bought an Apple phone and not a Pixel 4a. Really wish I could just stay at Android 11.

  9. And yet still no option to turn off extremly dangerous internet access per each app. It is not like iOS has this feature for many years. Your only option is custom ROM such as LineageOS or hacky firewalls such as NetGuard, which uses local VPN, so you can't use any VPN while it is active. And sometimes it restarts, so apps anyways can use internet for a short amount of time.

    All spyware apps, most mallware apps would stop working without internet. But Google won't allow to turn off internet per each app, so that ads could be blocked too. Conflict of interest is a bich.

  10. Where is the easter egg? 🙁

  11. Quick question: Will a device in Beta be able to upgrade out of it once released, or does it have to be wiped?

  12. Which phone is being used in the video

  13. where is wallpaper ? 3.8K likes still wallpaper not added to drive folder

  14. Almost 4k likes and no wallpapers yet 🙁

  15. hope they remove the black or white background of the gesture bar, make it look like the one on iPhones

  16. When is the wallpaper going to be added to the drive folder?

  17. I'm surprised face detect rotation is faster. It theoretically shouldn't because it would need to spool up a camera feed and run face detection on it before it triggers an action. This should just make things like using your phone in bed a lot easier though.

  18. i haven't received this update yet

  19. No thanks beta two was extremely glitchy and buggy I’ll wait for the final release and the Pixel 6

  20. R u using pixel Phone number?

  21. @ 0:25 His voice woke up my google assistant 🙄

  22. All systems are copyrighted from apple
    Thay are just use there animation nothing else,

  23. WOW, Andriod is getting up to ios in terms of looks and asthtics! Really impressive!

  24. You can literally tap the wifi icon in the pull down menu to turn it on or off instantly. I'm confused what the big deal about quickly deactivating Wifi was that you went on about. Are you referencing the last Android 12 Beta? Because there is no issue in Android 11.

  25. My dad I are switching phones I’m getting my Motorola G7 Power back that I originally bought in 2020,and he’s getting my bad battery iPhone se 2020 at 1821 mah and I’m getting back my Motorola G7 Power at 5000 mah

  26. Will u stop making new 12 , 13 , 14 android it creates havoc for customers they need to buy flagship phones every year fuck u android

  27. Honestly I already have most of these features on my Oppo and LG phones and even my Motorola has most of it. I mean themes were a thing a long time ago on Oppo and LG; one handed mode was always there for a 3 of these brands (LG's is the same as the Pixel's where only the hight shrinks leaving the width the same which is better on 20:9 phones as long as they are a manageable size {obviously the bigger the screen the harder is to reach the other side #S20/M11 Ultra but I have bigish hands}) so as scrollable screenshots. Which bags the question of why are people moaning about not getting Android 12 when they already have all these and more features. As long as you get at least by monthly security updates you should be fine.

  28. Is there any way to disable wobbly stretch effect in UI ? I got disturbed how ugly it looks

  29. Why the change to wifi button 😭

  30. Too bad they got rid of the super useful power menu that debuted on Android 11.

  31. 3.4k likes and still waiting for the wallpapers… 😒

  32. I have been closely involved with modding and developing for Android since the 1.6 days, 10 years ago. This just looks horrible. 11 is the last version i will use. It is sad but i gotta move on, commercial exposure has ruined Android. 🙁

  33. Broh Where is the beta 3 wall papper

  34. Pure android is best android.

    Damn shame that Samsung, OP and other companies will muck it up with their own stupid versions.

  35. I'm glad I've left iOS back in 2019. Never going back to Apple ever again.

  36. @9to5google where are wallpapers it's already 3200 likes?

  37. I really want the feature of app data usages

  38. Are they gonna fix that scoped storage atrocity?

  39. I'm confused.. How are the scrolling screenshots new? I've been doing them for years (galaxy phones if that makes a difference)

  40. I don't have 12 yet but I was wondering if they made any changes to the gesture navigation specifically in android messages. I find myself archiving whole threads of text messages with people trying to use the swipe back gesture while having messages launched. anyone else find themselves doing this accidentally all the time?

  41. Scrolling screenshots are not on google pixel?
    No way… How come samsung and many other brands has this already?

  42. 3k likes. I need that wallpaperrrrrrrrrrr

  43. Pixel needs to make it an option to get rid of the search bar at the bottom. That thing is so annoying. For a user experience that is highly customizable it's baffling that you can't remove that bar.

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