neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Flutter 2 Launched — A MASSIVE Improve!

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Flutter 2 Launched — A MASSIVE Improve!


Neoweb4u|At present Google launched Flutter 2, a large improve to their cross platform visible utility growth toolset. The massive new function with Flutter are Net …


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  2. Dart is quite nice, similar with java/kotlin! Took 2 weeks to get comfortable, and I am not a full-time developer

  3. I've realized your channel is part of my routine. I listen to the news…and then games from scratch. Holy crap, you're good at branding.

  4. Dart is my favorite language!

  5. If you are used to java/js/c looking languages, learning Dart really isn't an issue as much as learning the Flutter framework! So no worries really 🙂

  6. Why would an American company give any product a name that is impossible for most Americans to pronounce? Since most Americans pronounce any mid-word "t" as if it were a "d" you end up with Fludder and Twidder.

  7. Flutter still sluggish compared to any native app development and Flutter 2 got worse since it uses dart 2 which finally added "sound null safety" possibly because the current status of compilers optimisations or because dart isn't taking advantage of multi core CPUs or multi thread.
    Their initial promise was to provide a framework for developing apps with performances close to native, but it isn't.
    Check for example the Dart benchmarks https://benchmarksgame-team.pages.debian.net/benchmarksgame/fastest/dart.html or install Flutter apps on your phone.
    This will probably change in the future, but it could take several years to get those performance closer to existent languages/frameworks.
    I believe that currently, Flutter is good for prototyping and for building apps that do not requires a complex UI or apps that do not have heavy views for example a view with a long list of widgets …nevertheless it's on my radar 🙂

  8. I was hopping Flutter 2 will come up with some embedded game engine so it seems like for now, we still have to rely of Flame. Cheers!

  9. But why dart though?

  10. Do I get this right: The Dart code is compiled down to A level and not to some Betacode, and the runtime is for the Skia library?

  11. Google : hey i made flutter
    Me : cool, what it is for?
    Google : yes

    Btw should i try flutter? or i just stick with react native and redux

  12. Learning dart is almost as easy as learnin HTML, it's by far my favorite languague because it has almost no OOP bullshit in it and even your dirty code looks cleaner than a clean javascript code so there's that as well. Also working with flutter is way smoother than with react.

  13. dart is super simple to pick up. and flutter is super fun to code

  14. What's the upsides and downsides compared to react native?

  15. flutter in MacBook M1, some comments about it?

  16. If you are proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript, you should be able to pick up Dart fairly quickly. It shares a lot of the same syntax. Learning the Flutter UI for laying out the content will be made easier if you have experience in writing native Android apps. Otherwise, there is a larger learning curve for the UI code than there is for the Dart language, itself. But it's not that complicated. Flutter 2 has introduced some new ideas that will make it easier to jump in now compared to earlier versions. For me, it will be the ScaffoldManager for things like toasting a SnackBar. For those who are a little careless with defensive coding, you will find null safety very handy for avoiding errors. I haven't started developing my games, only on paper concept. So that's something I cannot comment on yet.

  17. With my C#, Java, Typescript……. experience programming dart was easy asF.

  18. For any technology claiming web dev, the biggest problem is SEO on Google. Unless these techs have exactly or better SEO capabilities.. I am never going to use any such techs for web.. Google STILL doesn't have same crawler indexing support for JS generated webpages.. so NO THANKS.. I would keep my static server side generated website.

  19. Is there any flutter app for desktop windows I can download, like a normal user would download and use it? Just want to try it out!

  20. We've been using Flutter for the last couple of years and it's great for mobile apps, but the web was garbage, don't know how it is now. What concerns Dart, it's nothing like JS. It's more similar to Java and C#, so if you're familiar with those there won't be a problem as syntax is similar.

  21. Flutter web is and will be hot garbage, I'm hopeful for desktop tho.

  22. Dart is very easy to learn

  23. DONT BELIVE IN THIS CRAP FLUTTER IS ABSOLUTE SHIT it doesnt have any good animation + very little customizability + and 0 native package support, better to use native android and objective c instead

  24. Flutter is hot garbage and should not be used in production. Unresponsive and ignorant devs have made Flutter a mess. Massive animation jank on IOS, performance that's all over the map, switching from opengl to Metal and front loaded shaders … ugh, the list goes on. Just garbage. Hobbyists love it because they aren't releasing professional grade apps. Professionals hate it because you can't release professional grade apps. AVOID FLUTTER HYPE. Consider this a public service announcement from the trenches.

  25. Super super super easy to learn Dart! No problem at all!

  26. I started using flutter last year. You can learn Dart super-fast, especially if you are used to JavaScript and Java.

  27. interesting time to be in the dev space. ubuntu supporting this is kind of a big deal honestly.

  28. Yes interest for flutter game engine, i use flutter when come out and its great i use for android apps, different concept total, now have little problem on animation for apple iOS app that is the metal proboblem use only metal……but in flutter 2 i think is fixed or not?

  29. Dart is dead easy to learn. Why wouldn't you want to learn a new language? Especially since it is a vast improvement over JavaScript.

  30. Based on personal experience with Flame/Flutter/Dart coming from Javascript, Dart is easier to learn than TypeScript. Dart just flowed naturally. I had a lot of ??? moments with TS.

  31. I wonder how Apple feels about this. When deploying to the app store, they really denied me asking if the app should be a website instead. After my response, it as deployed. However, that was still a blocker for a week.

  32. I've been using flutter for the past year or so, building an app at work. I for the most part love flutter, after trying other solutions like ionic and so on. But, and it's a big but, I've spent the last week trying to figure out a silent crash on some phones when taking pictures via the app, this resulted in a memory leak that has taken me 1 week of hard and brainfucking debuging… In the end it was not even a fucking memory leak but flutters image cache, caching a load of shit and not letting the GC collect that data…. So I'm now not that happy with it, but need to keep using it, so I will try V2 in a couple months a see 🤷

  33. With Flutter getting so popular, what happened to Xamarin?

  34. flutter is most complete framework suit for cross platform and front end development , i developed many software on top of javascript , python and java but none of them can compete flutter (dart) in performance and structure.

  35. Dart is basically java with less boiler code. The hard part of learning it will be to get used to all the syntactic sugar they provide and maybe the asynchrones abilitys of the language. Definitely recommend it! (Experiences based on a webproject using workers for performance gains, where i replaced JS with dart. Was great to use all kind of parts of the language.)

  36. Dart is Cool! See it as Java 2.0
    The Java improovement Kotlin tried to be. But Dart is!
    Eseay to learn if you know Java, and nearly everyone knows Java.
    Just the way nesting in in Flutter is crap!
    Just write nromal Java like code.

  37. I’ll try.. it might be a good option for desktop apps

  38. Can't find this game on the playstore

  39. Flutter is trying to be a silver bullet, never a good thing. Best stick to Ionic + Angular. Web isn't going anywhere

  40. check out Dart, you'll love it.

  41. Just started learning flutter and using it, and I can say I love it. It's a very fun and cool language to program in, I don't have to deal with CSS anymore, and the UI is gorgeous.

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