neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Full Stack Developer Roadmap

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Full Stack Developer Roadmap


Neoweb4u|This full stack developer roadmap 2020 will cowl the complete set of subjects, frameworks, libraries and languages you may end up studying to turn out to be each a …


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  2. Just learned HTML, now learning CSS. Looks like I got further than I thought to go 😬

  3. hey @Adrian Twarog. Thank you so much for your Full Stack Developer Roadmap. I am knowing so much information about Full Stack Developer Roadmap. My request to you please give me this roadmap link as a pdf or doc. So that I printed this roadmap and hang on the top of my computer table. …please!

  4. Can you please provide the link to this roadmap?

  5. thank Adrian Twarog very much. This session is very usefully. could you share me the Roadmap file? my email is trieulv@gmail.com

  6. Modern CSS – 4 years there 🙂 CSS skills to next level
    – literally half css docs with errors after 3 years of trying to understand literally simplest sentence that could discribe syntax 🙂 you ppl are crazy :):):)

    * I mean if after 4 years you finally looked at doc for 15min I guess you "pushing the edge" 🙂 How much you expect a year? 1mln? 2mln ? I mean its "Modern CSS" 🙂 and everything is available for free on github :):):)

    YEAAAA inclusivity now even guy with daun syndrome will be equal to geniuses or Plato or ppl building processors, genetics etc why to pay 10y experience guy more he will get same as junior dev or user or even cleaner who push enter cleaning 🙂 equality 🙂

  7. freecodecamp – remember to say thank you for making all those skills and jobs worth 0$, who else could do stuff for free for 8 years than posting them for all to consume?

    Why even pay for developer just write "If you want to make a change …….. for free ……… never guarantee you anything…….. no you will never get payed, not in money" and you will have bunch of ppl who wave skills payed in big tech companies for free, even pay you so that they will be able to have ego trip, 10 x 60k for advanced developer = 600k in my pocket

    – "Yes we are grateful, we made 2mln in 1st year thanks to product you coded for free without having any right to even put your name in the comments" 🙂

    PS JS is not for styling, thats why they are separate + another guy saying LESS etc I hear this s*** for 10 years but they there for longer than this 🙂
    + All the best to copy/paste developers, fright future. I mean till you have WiFi, otherwise …. yea s***

  8. This feels like one of those iceberg meme explanation videos

  9. Scared to see as a beginner. Just to finish HTML and a bit of CSS, but it really depends. Personally I just study for fun and want to build a website by myself but not as a career.

  10. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your road maps on reactjs and this one

  11. Can I get a copy of the roadmap? I want to start my journey

  12. Can u please share the image🙏🙏

  13. How can i download this wallpaper

  14. Hello, if you can give the image of this chart, please do it, and appreciate your time and expectations to teach beginners

  15. This is not roadmap it's a whole city okay. 😂

  16. Thank you for the big picture, much appreciated.

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    Server-side development experience e.g., Node.js

    Experience in designing, building and maintaining RESTful APIs

    Proficiency with SQL/NoSQL (Preferably MongoDB and DynamoDB)

    Version control best practices using Git

    Familiarity with Linux/Unix administration

    Familiarity with AWS cloud platform (Preferably Lambda, EC2, EB, IAM, SQS, SNS, CI & CD, API Gate way, Route 53, Cloud Formation, S3)

    Experience working in an Agile delivery team

  18. Is there a good job opportunity for full stack developer in Australia and Canada?

  19. This is AMAZING! I having every step laid out like this, gonna print it out. Thank you!

  20. games developer road map? i from indonesia im 13 Year

  21. I need this on my wall..! Can you share this wallpaper?

  22. After 15 yrs of service in teaching sector, I am shifting to learn MERN STACK. I completed html , css , going ahead to javascript for next 3 months . I am 40 yrs now pls guide my way.

  23. Well well well… i must sleep less i guess xD




  25. Beautifully Explained! Any resource i.e. any website or course you can recommend for learning the basics of the internet..

  26. Thank you so much for this

  27. I read the roadmap. the first step is "start learning" and the last step is "keep learning" lol 😆

  28. I just got a Wix commercial and I'm scared

  29. Well back to learning mate. Thanks

  30. great channel! You deserve more subscribers 🙂

  31. You R Legend. love from sydney 🙂

  32. Commendable work.. Thanks from heart

  33. Looks like AntMan technology sent me to a SubAtomic phase. Don't worry, be right back.

  34. Many of those things can be learned in a day.

  35. Does we need to know same thing for both web development and software development

  36. possible to have a picture of the whole picture?

  37. This is so cool. Thank you Adrian! 7 minutes in and so helpful

  38. First of all: Good job!
    This roadmap really helps me alot. I had no clue where to start to be honest. Most online courses make you dive into frameworks like Anguar or React right away and barely introduce you to springboot and maven, but you never understand the whole picture behind that.

    Is it realistic to learn the frontend part within one year?

  39. Can you guys give me some resources to learn this from free

  40. who else had understanding that frontend is html css and js? 😁
    but you need higher elves here to uncode this roadmap !

  41. thank's for about this amazing video! .. i have a simple question about how can i make a mind plan like this or what is the name of software that can i make a plan like this in it?

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