neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|How I Turned a Full Time Recreation Developer

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|How I Turned a Full Time Recreation Developer


Neoweb4u|On this video, I share how I obtained into indie sport improvement and the way I stop my job and have become a full time sport developer! The primary 1000 individuals who click on the …


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  1. The first 1000 people who click the link in the description will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium!

  2. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a game developer. The people in my life treated it as something silly, some delusion of a child. "He just wants to play video games all day." I'm sure you've all heard that one. No one was encouraging, and I was young. When I decided to learn how to make games, I learned how difficult and overwhelming it was. I gave up right then. I could have started so young, before I was even in high school. I think because of that I was operating on a lack of ambition or direction for all of high school. I went from top of the class to C or D student. That continued in college. I failed a class my first semester, and then in my second semester covid hit. That was like a nail in the coffin. I had no goals, no desire to continue college, no direction or purpose. I spent the next year at home, working for my dad. One day I decided to replay the one of the most inspirational game my middle school years- Dark souls. When I reached the end, when the credits started rolling with the beautiful music, I reflected on what that game was to me. Dark souls is overwhelming and difficult, and I beat it. I don't consider myself that good at videogames, but when I was in middle school I beat it. Not because I secretly am good at video games, but because I wanted to beat it so badly. I decided then to go back to my middle school years, to become a game developer. I have been giving as much as I can to this dream for the past 4 months and I have never been happier. I will become a game developer, not because I already have the skills to do it, but because I will do it. I just beg of everyone who wants to follow that dream, please just do it.

  3. Love the artstyle on both games! I'll definitely check them out

  4. @mistnft on twitter hosting a community contest for creation of a NPC potentially be implemented within the game.

  5. A great and inspirational story! Thank you Thomas! 😇

  6. bruh ur teeth whtie af

  7. Amazing ! Saw that ad! And I Hope I can be one toozaa

  8. Amazing ! Saw that ad! And I Hope I can be one toozaa

  9. Coming here I don't even know where to start what exactly will I get in the premium side if I join and also am here to learn from the scratch I know nothing about creating game but love designs when I see one from my childhood I will love if there is a mentor here for me 🥺

  10. Mist.game are looking for environment developers

  11. Watching a Thomas Brush video, being interrupted by a Thomas Brush ad only on come back to the initial Thomas Brush video. Man you rock.

  12. Where do i find this short film in 4:04

  13. Hi Thomas, my name is Sandy Mauldin and I work at Madison Avenue Elementary. I was wondering if you could present via zoom at our Career Week? Please contact me. Thank you.

  14. You r really a inspiration for me….I really want to be a indie game developer like you…it's my dream….I don't want to do 9-5 job because I won't enjoy doing that….I just want to follow my passion and my heart❤️ thanks for soo much motivation

  15. It motivated me a lot. I was even able to make a few projects.
    I love the game development family. To anyone reading this, I hope one day,as you go down the street you see people talking about your game.

  16. Congratulations! 🎮❤️

  17. You have a great story Thomas! It's very inspirational!

  18. I really needed to hear this man. I am currently have been in the marine corps for almost 4 years now and I've been trying to figure out what i wan to do for the future. I'm am a firm believer that I should do something that makes me happy before considering the money, but chasing your dreams is scary cause they're usually more risky. ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an artist but over the years I "got real" and put that to the side. however, if there's one thing that i learned while in service its to have confidence and to perpetually work hard to achieve the things you want while remaining humble and a constant student to any thing that may help on the road to success. Your story gives me hope, and makes me excited for the days when I can focus on my on the thing I love too. Thank you for sharing with us all , and I hope you keep doing more work as I do look forward to all your creations!

  19. I Needed a long time to realize (I'm almost 30) to chase my dreams. I'm self taught in C# and starting to learn Unity. Fuck it! I'm gonna do it! No longer going to listen to others. Freedom is more important!

  20. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  21. Good stuff! I'm currently playing Neversong. It's literally the first downloadable game I got on my new switch. I'm really enjoying it so far. I'll be sure to leave a review once I finish it.

  22. can i become game developer if i study bachelor in networking???

  23. Very well said, and beautiful story too. I think the value is in the process of development for sure. For myself, I needed a change from a music career that was no longer making me happy, and I returned back to game dev back in 2018 and haven’t looked back since. You’re very inspiring, keep up the great work 🙂

  24. I just take the part time office job. Less of a hassle. My dying soul is easier to deal with than the pain of developing and selling games 🙂 But i respect what you do!

  25. I feel the same way about my time at Clemson


  27. I'm already well past 30, but I still want to make it to where you are Tom.

  28. i'm 15 and my dream is to succeed as a indie dev. I do know that most people fail and of those who don't most don't make enough for a comfortable life, i'm still gonna give it a shot.

  29. 3Pixel Team

    About us:

    We are a team that started working on portfolio fast not complex or fully designed Unity games. With this we are working with beginners and advanced developers to gain experience as coworkers and good team communication. Main goals for individuals are to gain team experience, portfolio and letter of recommendation. Main team goal is to stay and build a company/studio.

    What we provide:

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    -Finished game with:

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    What are we looking for:

    -Most important is love to what you do and that you are responsible and reliable to not make promises and tasks you can't fulfill

    -If you are unavailable its ok just stay honest

    -People willing to learn and progress

    -Chat activity isn't required as we don't have deadlines but finishing task in time you chose should be done in time

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    -Social / Community management

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    Length of project:

    Depends on team.


  30. Thank you sir…
    That was a truly motivation video for student like us who feel depressed about their indie game developer dream. 🙂

  31. Im 20 years old and a college student! I also want to become a full time indie developer! In August 2020 I released my first android game in play store! Its a simple space arcade game called "One life in space" which only got 50 downloads! After releasing the game i learned a lot about many things and i learn from my mistakes and hopefully soon i will be releasing another game! I'm young and i still have so much time to learn new things and hopefully one day i will be a successful indie game developer like you, launch a big game and make my family and my country proud!!
    Wish me luck❤️

  32. "Gamers Rise Up"
    -Every Gamer.

  33. Thanks Thomas for being a big source of inspiration for myself and many others, but also just being a chill down to earth individual we need more of that 💙

  34. Idk what’s going on Thomas but watching this actually made me cry man I’m proud of you man

  35. Love your music in the background. Thanks for having that full music in a separate video

  36. You know… This is sooo inspirational… Much respect to you🎯🖤

  37. Thats got to be the first time anyone has mentioned prisonbreak this decade.

  38. awesome man, awesome!!!!!!!!!

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