neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Why iOS Is Higher Than Android

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Why iOS Is Higher Than Android


Neoweb4u|The iOS vs Android debate has been ongoing ever because the platforms had been created over a decade in the past. And since this channel is known as Apple Defined and I …


34 thoughts on “neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Why iOS Is Higher Than Android

  1. iOS is way better then android

  2. I use both platforms. I use iOS for social media posting as it optimised really well. My photos and videos post looks crisp compare to Android which compressed the size making it losing details. I use Android as daily driver such as work, watching movie etc.

  3. windows phone better thanks

  4. Android phone specs are sooo high but performance are fail

  5. I started using iOS about 4 months being an android user, and I really like it. I do want to get other products from Apple but they are just so expensive

  6. Why iOS is worse than android i will make that's video one time

  7. You didn't have to say that "our garden is bigger and prettier than yours". You managed to ruin a very good perspective and video with one sentence.

  8. I love Apple products. But I wouldn't even look at other companies if these things were introduced by Apple:
    1. Call Recording.
    2. If Making iOS Apps was easier.
    3. Recognizing the smaller countries like mine, Bangladesh and therefore making payments from these countries possible.

  9. actually this is true i have a 4gb ram iphone 11promax and it beats A 12gb ram android on gaming

    the only downside of iphone is the battery

  10. I only like android because of samsung

  11. I started with the iPhone 3GS. Then switched to Android and used it for nearly a decade. Until a month ago where I switched to an iPhone again.

    iOS just works. I don’t have the time or luxury to tinker or tweak with things anymore. Nor do I appreciate the bugs and privacy issues.

  12. I was using Android for many years and now slowly moving to Apple. Their ecosystem is what brought me closer to that decision. Android has potential and if they put more work they also can create something like Apple.

  13. The simple reason is it better than Android phone is pride.

  14. It's True Iphone is Better then Android but Is that Iphone is Better then Samsung galaxy S & Note?

  15. hides in the bushes waiting for android fanboys 😂 but seriously though, there’s a lot “tech” people, smart that uses ios. I know a lot, but yes in the end it’s about the ecosystem and how easy the phone works. If a phone starts giving problems people won’t use it. I think also it’s about longevity as well on older devices. But hey what do I know, i’m just a

  16. 37k likes vs 3.7k likes.. I like that

  17. ios is better. apple is the best

  18. Android gives you the freedom of using phone on the ultimate level but iOS is like prison . Stuck and work in wall's

  19. I think its because Apple started early and people that used the first iphones continued

  20. I will citate the Chanel owner: "and yet, no one can say that one platform is objectively better than the other" and yet we have a video title "why iOS is better than Android". It tells me that the reviewer is not consistent therefore the review has no weight. I agree with 70% of the things said in video, but the most important facts are not so true. When my mother wanted to switch to a smartphone, I gave her my iPhone which she considered very complicated to use. I selled the iPhone and bought her LG phone which she loves and use it today because it was simpler for her to use.
    As for programming, I do it for both ios and android, and for me the things are simpler to do on Android.
    The only thing I love about my iPhone is privacy, but that's the price to pay over flexibility and variations.
    And last but not least: the bigger garden must not always be the most beautiful, just because it has only 1 beautiful flower all over the place. Sometimes the variety of flowers can be more beautiful in the small vase.

  21. I switched from apple to android in 2016, from the iPhone 5s to a Galaxy S7. I have been an android fan since I've switched but after seeing the iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini, I'm really thinking about ditching my current Galaxy Note 9 after another year or two and switching to either 12 or 13 Mini. I LOVE what Apple did with those two phones.

  22. Each platform has its benefits & there downfalls. iOS is easier for me to use then android but my brother loves android.

  23. Best thing I recently liked about iOS is the option to choose whether we want to be tracked or not

  24. I have an iPhone 13 Pro, and I'm really disappointed with the user experience, coming from an Android. The hardware of the iPhone is definitely better, but the software sucks in many ways. Like, my iPhone feels slower despite it having double CPU geekbench scores over my android, all because of iOS. On top of that is iOS 15.0. Extremely glitchy and lots of bugs, not only in the OS itself, but also in major apps like Whatsapp, Instagram and YouTube. (It's almost like other companies hate apple, so they don't otimize) If you're an Apple fan saying you're not suffering from these issues, then you just don't know the user experience on an Android. Besides, I got an advertisement for Apple TV in my settings app. Such a non-Apple thing to do. Feels like Samsung and its bloatware. Terrible

    Other than that, I'm quite content with my iPhone. Yet the least content I've ever been with a new phone, despite the fact that it costs more than all of my previous phones combined

  25. When I saw the Windows Phone in this video: It's the only thing I liked about this is just the menu, because I liked the way you could use a wallpaper and it hides behind the squares (app icons).

  26. Why IOS od better? There is one simple answer, speed and long term support. You can argue about looks, functionality etc. but IOS is just faster, i switched from a 2 year old samsung to a 4 yo ip and its incomparably faster. Also that samsung got an update from android 9 to 11 and won’t get any more, and it really slowed it down, where as ip 8 is gonna get at least 2 more years of support and it won’t suck.

  27. Long time Android user here, since using iPhones/iPads for work, I realised now how much better Apple devices are. Will be sticking with iPhones from now on, the performance is so much better.

  28. Apple:im better!
    Android:no im better!
    Blackberry:hey guys can we just all get along
    Apple&android:get the %@&* out of here

  29. Bit of a contradiction on the ecosystem thing. While all companies would obviously prefer you to purchase their watch and tablet as well, they don't lock it down like Apple. For example, something as simple as dragging photos back and forth in Windows explorer is still blocked on iphone. You cant even sort your photos into their own folders because they are still always apart of the original photo gallery folder, you can only add a shortcut within another folder to "sort" them, but you still have that main folder filled with every photo that has ever been on the phone. Most Android users (myself included) actually started on iphone and got tired of being told what to do with something we payed for. Add that along with the innovation stopping when Steve left the company. I do like how they support the phones much better in regards to updates however.

  30. Its true that iOS is better than Android

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