neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Why Select Flutter in 2021

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising and marketing I Social Media Advertising and marketing I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Why Select Flutter in 2021


Neoweb4u|Some causes which have let me to imagine that Flutter will simply continue to grow and through 2021, and I’ve a hunch that there are loads to look ahead to!


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  1. This is the most quality Flutter video I have ever seen! I can't imagine how much work this took! Amazing video!

  2. for every one why to choose there are more then 100 why NOT to choose it for a serious of project 😂

  3. "Strong backbone" – but can't find a place where I can ask questions other than stackoverflow where you most likely won't get answers because too few flutter developers are out there…

  4. why is flutter laggay? or janky?

  5. Its videos like this one, that convinced me to get on the Flutter-Bandwagon. Tx Robert! Going to absorb your content 🙂

  6. shills, but I like it

  7. I landed on the right spot for beginning my Flutter journey… Informative and Clean!

  8. I decided to learn python, just as I was in the middle someone suggested that 2021 I better learn Java. I am far into java programming with the aim of learning Kotlin in the future, but I came to learn that Flutter is better choice. Now I am confused, should I learn Dart instead because I have enough of java knowledge?

  9. How to get connected to the Flutter community??…I'm practicing Flutter since last 4 months now….would like to join the community forum

  10. Great Video <3.
    All the good points feel great to hear, but could you kindly put your thoughts on breaking down the reasons, why developers are developing angst against Flutter, I'm not saying they don't have valid points, I want to know, are these points fatal in the growth of Flutter and its future usage, like Techlead pointed to animation, someone said it is for babies, I actually wanted to know, is the time investment in developing Flutter skill worthy for future considering its state as of now.

  11. Tell me truth should i learn flutter or php ? Please tell me give me way

  12. Meh 😒 They have junky and slow animation on iOS it’s known since months and nothing was done. They don’t give a damn about iOS so I wouldn’t call it fully cross platform not recommend for prod in iOS. The 5k plus issues on GitHub are also scary. I know it from their issues system solving but Flutter has many many issues. It’s promising tho 👍 I would go native or with ionic, Xamarin. I wish they fix their iOS issues. iOS market is just too huge to be left with junky animations.

  13. Is janky animation a real issue? https://youtu.be/L3iqmyoogfA
    Not sure if this concern is legit before investing time and effort.

  14. Hi Robert, great delivery on your videos. Would you please share a link to the Flutter project that works with Raspberry Pi? I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. Thanks.

  15. 2021 The year for Flutter

  16. Love your way of teaching, Thank you so much! Gonna Dive into flutter, Because PWA is too complex.

  17. Flutter is not really recommanded if you want to use the new features of Android or iOS. To be really efficient you will learn platformsSDK and their langages. Dart is not a really modern and efficient langage. Hot reload it is not reserved to Flutter, native proposition as Swift UI are better.

    But even if Flutter and Dart are not perfect, I like a code with them.

  18. Guys i just wanna warn you about a big problem in flutter, i was also interested in switching from react native to flutter but after i discovered this problem i decided to remain on react native, the problem regard the implementation of flutter with metal so it's present on every ios device, the first time we open the app after we install it or we reboot our device all the animation are EXTREMELY laggy and the feel of the app is terrible, this issue has been around for a couple months not and it isn't solved yet, i wouldn't recommend flutter until they solve this

  19. As a react dev, the code looks so messy to me

  20. I have a question
    Please reply

    Im create a listviewbuilder

    Inside it have listTile
    And inside it textFormFeild

    textFormFeild data push into a list

    Now how can i validate this list

    For example textFormFeild is for students marksObtain
    Which never will be more than maxmarks

    Now how can i validate this list before uploading data❓❓❓❓

  21. So looking forward to moving to flutter this year. When is your course going to be available? Can't wait.

  22. My path to Flutter was like this. Super duper hyped about PWA and went to React to build the app. Then realizing, iOS and Apple won’t give up the App Store plus many do not care about accepting location on App but the majority tends to reject that on Web.

    React Native to rescue me! But then I had so much trouble just to clone the app and simulate the app.

    Flutter, on the other hand, just works. Sometime, I’ve had some issues but I download someone’s examples and try them on my phones or simulators without any problem.

    React Native also offers Web support and is a great framework (library whatever) for sure. And, RN + React combination is one of the most used in the industry. But, holly molly. I abandoned my project that ive been working on for 4 months. Starting fresh with Flutter and I don’t really regret.

  23. You will reach 1 million subscribers in short time than others.👨‍💻👊

  24. Genuinely curious: anyone have insight as to why Google trends for Flutter and RN have trended down in a similar fashion? (Especially with a large dip seen near the end?)

    Loving Flutter nonetheless

  25. it is not FAST and buggy a lot of common features are missing i repeate commom features. simple app sizes are Hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!. the web support BETA is not only UNSTABLE! but not ready and the android stable version are not for production projects. if you are time pass programmer go ahead. flutter is for newbies who can't put together a complete java project.

  26. where did you get the chart in the beginning of the video?

  27. Hi Robert can i have a list of extensions you use for flutter in VSCode plus fontfamilies you use

  28. Why not to use Flutter :
    – extremely slow updates
    – no first party libraries
    – over 10k issues on GitHub, where simple features such as RTL text cannot be fixed
    – focus on becoming the ultimate platform, that means there will be so much time wasted by the flutter team to deliver features that most of developers won't use
    – inconsistency. You can develop a full app, then come 3 months later to find that much of your code is deprecated or not working anymore

    Flutter is good to learn, but it's still far from being the ultimate solution everyone is convinced it is. For big apps, good better building it native with the huge features the native platform has than use Flutter to try and create something as simple as a ViewModel from scratch

  29. Hey, I just graduated from college, and I want to pursue a career in mobile developing, and this video helps me on choosing on a framework to learn and master (hopefully). Thank you!

  30. Heyy. Your website is awesome. I read the article first 😁

  31. Amazing, i’m planning on doing videos of flutter for Spanish language community. This is great inspiration

  32. Awesome video. I really wish flutter has a way to implement homescreenwidgets :/

  33. Your videos are always on my recommendation Love your channel
    Edit: Saw your new webtsite its awesome 🔥🔥

  34. Which tool do you use for Design Assets?

  35. First youtube channel with so much positive review.

  36. Your video quality and content is really feel premium… Looking forward see your flutter pro cources.🙏

  37. Hello, Great video (As always) !! Could you please make a video on flutter FCM?

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