neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|Caffenol: Creating Pictures with Espresso and Vitamin C

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|Caffenol: Creating Pictures with Espresso and Vitamin C


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  1. Friend, we English DO NOT say ”a bunch” unless referring to bananas
    or grapes. Let the Americans ruin their version of English, but don’t join in. 🤓

  2. That is definitely not cheaper than traditional developers

  3. The film looks a little bit fogged. When it comes out of the tank, look at the frame edges. They should be clear and the Ilford branding and frame numbers should be in dark. Irrespective of how you exposed the film, the frame edges and numbers should be in high contrast each time. Your frame edges look a little bit dark in the video which suggests that light got into the film somewhere along the road or the chemicals fogged the film a little bit. However, that might just be the lighting in the video because, in the end, you clearly got usable images.

  4. Two of my favourite hobbies, drinking coffee and film photography.

  5. I just found your channel today and started binging, but I've been using caffenol for both developing film and making prints for over 5 years now! I really enjoy the process. I recently bought filmcamerasandcoffee.com and I hope to start doing a monthly review where I pair an old camera and a coffee for both drinking and developing. First though I have a lot more to learn from this channel. Cheers, and thank you!

  6. its not just caffeic acid,, experiments have been done on forums with just pure caffeic acid and the negs were very faint eg underdeveloped, there are other compounds in the instant coffee that affect the process

  7. Welcome to the amazing World of Film Photography James.

  8. Hey James, firstly I must say how weird it was to see you outside of your home.
    But most of all – from a photography pro and coffee amateur (I've learnt most of what I know about coffee from this channel), congrats on the pictures! I'm not surprised you have a good eye and technique, since you're a connoisseur of sensory things and obviously someone who enjoys understanding and trying to master technical processes. Would love to see more of your film photography… perhaps it's time to start a second Insta account for that? Even if you only have time to post there sporadically.

  9. They turned out great! You should put those photos up in your office space!

  10. What, a coffee channel talking about photography? This is the ultimate hipster video ever lol

  11. Of course you're shooting an RB67. Good selection, it's a beautiful machine. A little bit of philosophy for you. Film photography captures and embeds the actual photons that were emitted in the scene at that moment in time. It's kind of amazing, at least to me. It truly is a physical artifact of a moment in time.

  12. James – This is only lightly roasted coffee…

    James Earlier talking to the coffee – You're an adequate coffee at best, but only working with a course grind is just not good enough for my purposes.

  13. You should get a lab box developer tank, super easy and awesome way to have fun with photos

  14. you should look into the coffee infused PLA for 3d printing 😛

  15. Develop negatives with coffee and enjoy "Kodak D-76" with cookies

  16. Although he is quite short on specific details of his process, IMO these are the best images I've seen from a caffenol type development. maybe the only good ones ones. Most are very low contrast because the film base fog makes them almost unprintable. Actually, they usually are unprintable by wet darkroom means, however a decent scanner can beat a marginal image out of all but the very worst negatives. However, when you consider the value of your time, the cost of film, and here, the cost of good coffee itself, it remains hard to justify using caffenol to process film. It surely isn't justified by the image obtained or the money saved.

  17. Thought James Hoffman only did coffee. It's cool he does photography too.

  18. So coffee develops not just nice flavors in your cup but also nice pics. James, brew myself some pictures, hoffman!

  19. Nice pictures. What are the results compared to your usual developing agent? Seems to make nice and smooth grays. Not too contrasty or grainy. I had grain issues with ilford films (fp4 and hp5). Needed to expose more but develop less with kodak developers. Maybe kaffenol is a good choice.

  20. Developed literally thousands of rolls of Black and White film over the years , before switching to Digital…and this was an amazing revelation that film could be processed with coffee! Wow …now if we could just find a natural fixative..lol. By the way did you use a stop bath during development? Vinegar ( diluted )can be used…just curious.

  21. can you also explain how to make fixer at home.

  22. Wonder if you can use espresso for a coffee etch on Damascus steel. I've seen people use instant coffee from @alecsteele

  23. I like the nod to Willem's free background music for a film video. Honestly I think it's very nice

  24. Can I use soda ? Also I don't have tank can I use something else ?

  25. Does this work with color film?

  26. Now print the negatives on cyanotype paper, then tone the resulting images with coffee. Tea would work better, but that's not what this channel is about 🙂

  27. Even the background music is a nod to the analog community. Love it!

  28. Hipster level 1000 achieved 😅🙌🏼

  29. One day: Marrying to coffee ☕
    Edit: I would if possible

  30. Caffenol is the way for Cubans since they can't get chemicals easy. I always have my powdered vitamin C and Soda Ash handy when I run low on D-76.

  31. Coffee, photography & film photography all you need now is to add some woodworking & that's my entire YouTube experience in one video. Great stuff, I've never tried developing in coffee?

  32. really impressed with your compositions

  33. D film photography lofi beats were a nice touch 😂

  34. Very good video. Some problems because I'm in Colombia, ironically producing the BEST coffee in the world. BUT no Vitamin C is available in powder. Only tablets. Can I use these and how many? Thanks for your help.

  35. One of the most talented artist doing this kind of things: http://cahute.fi/ (caffenol + large format camera)

  36. Wow! This was a big surprise. I usually watch your videos for the coffee but this is probably my favorite video. I have developed prints in caffenol-C. Thank you for posting this. You just became my favorite YouTube channel. ♡♡♡

  37. When can we see more photography based videos

  38. just started shooting film after 6 years of shooting digital and i’m having an absolute blast. Ilford HP5 is my go to black and white film!

  39. Someone’s been watching grainydays 😏

  40. a little late to the game here but I've had decent luck developing with caffenol. and maybe it is the instant coffee that makes it smell because I'd say it smells exactly like the dump, like garbage that has been in your garbage can all week. I was wondering if it could be done with fresh coffee so this is really cool to see!

  41. If you need help with medium format photography, I’ll help. I’ve photographed everyone from Joey Ramone to the Dalai Lama with a Hasselblad. Plus I could use some coffee encouragement with my Bezzera BZ13 🙏 Cheers!

  42. I can definitely see James becoming a world ranking medium format photographer. While sipping his coffee.

  43. Well done James, you can do this with only coffee and washing soda, i developed a roll of 35mm many years ago this way, rather grainy though, astounded the members of my photo club when I told them what I developed the film in! Good luck with your new hobby!

  44. Wait hold on, using an auto-loading spiral is cheating! haha, oh man I think I should dig out my developing kit again

  45. Hey James don't forget to remove your watch when working in a dark bag, the light from the watch can fog your film pretty bag, I've definitely done it before

  46. You look like Steve Buscemi x Jeff Goldblum 😀

  47. As a film photography YouTuber myself and a lover of coffee, this is the crossover I never knew I needed.

  48. god these photos are gorgeous

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