neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|Flask Course – Python Internet Utility Growth

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|Flask Course – Python Internet Utility Growth


Neoweb4u|Be taught the Flask Python net framework by constructing your personal e-commerce web site with its personal authentication system. Full code: …


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  1. Thanks a lot for uploading this course, once again, it's an honor to have some of my courses in the FCC Channel 🙂

  2. Thank you so much <3

  3. I have gone through many flask tutorials. It is the best of them. Thank you so much for this amazing course

  4. Is this sufficient for getting a fresher job ? Someone tell me pls…

  5. Poor presentation because you're out of touch with viewer constraints.
    Text and code is often small and blurry at 360P and I've seen many
    clearer videos at 360P. It's a huge waste of bandwidth to watch this at
    720P or higher.

  6. Thank You so Much, This is truly amazing for who is still beginning in python area using flask

  7. Amazing tutorial, thanks so much

  8. The length of this video is more than 6 hours , instead of discouraging me from watching , it reassures me about the amount of knowledge required in any serious subject , and the dedication of the educator. Thank you very much

  9. there are no code snippets on your website for 11 chapter of this video

  10. plz dont use cmd i really suffer from this error
    'from' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file

  11. Eventhough i am sure i am making everything as he did, i am getting error when i try to use db.Column(), db.Integer() and db.String(). Anyone know how to fix that?

  12. Here is a better way to format colons in numbers. It uses recursion to allow for as many or few commas as needed. Your method handled only one comma which means 900 = ,900 and 1234567 = 1234,567. It might be written in fewer lines but I was lazy and it might be a bit clearer for those who don't know recursion.

    def fmt(amt):
    stramt = str(amt)
    if len(stramt) > 3:
    upper, lower = (stramt[:-3], stramt[-3:])
    if len(upper) > 3:
    upper = fmt(upper)
    return upper + ',' + lower
    return stramt


  13. Fantastic explaination.Highly recommended for the beginners 👍

  14. This is by far and away the best Flask starter course I have found on YouTube (or any other platform). The realistic example that "Jim" works through provides all the tools and context you need to get started. Highly recommended!

  15. Hi! Did you explain somewhere what session is doing when used at db.session?Why db.session.add() and not db.add()?

  16. we can also use our pycharm terminal right. I just want to make sure

  17. Just finished the video. Amazing job, thank you for this free course.

  18. Hello Jim. Thank you for the Tutorial. At part 5 when you import the "db" module from market.py I recieve the same error message but I also get the following message "C:ProgramDataAnaconda3envsflask_apipython.exe: can't find '__main__' module in 'C:\Users\ali.arisoy\Documents\flask_api'". After I get this the terminal kicks me out of the python powershell. I am using visual code. Can you please assist?

  19. Flask is very simple and pretty framework.

  20. Thank you very much, this is an excellent introduction to Flask! Looking forward to learning web application deployment in production! 🙂

  21. Anyone know how he got his pycharm to look like that?

  22. this course is great, he explains everything clearly. great job!

  23. Just curious while I'm learning further: Is there a reason why the following would not work for prettier_budget instead?

    def prettier_budget(self):

    return f'{self.budget:,}$'

  24. abusatta micher peruki nanum kudi micher peruki

  25. I don't get the Project Restructure part. At the begging we set FLASK_APP=market.py. Then we deleted market.py file and didn't set new one to FLASK_APP. So, wich file Flask loads first after request ? If it is __init__.py in market folder, how does Flask knows in which package to look for ? If it is run.py... again, how does the framework knows which file to use ? We can have hundreds of files in that directory.

  26. Learning python after being primarily a Javascript developer and this is so freaking cool, thank you for uploading

  27. Easy to understand! Thank you

  28. This is the best flask course you can find on youtube or any other platform!! I enjoyed a lot while learning to build website in this course.

  29. Thank you so much for this video!

  30. Many thanks to you and your team, bro !!!!

  31. The best flask tutorial i've ever had. Thank you man.

  32. Anyone has a an idea how to deploy this in production server ?

  33. Hi guys! I've got a question, how can I solve this problem: return f'Item {self.name}' . I have 2.7 version of python and I cannot find a solution to that line. I get always error: invalid syntax, I think it is caused because of the older version of python. How can I replace there the f' – option. Does anybody know how to do it? Thanks folks!

    Edit* I've already tried to solve that problem with u' – option, we can get through terminal without 'invalid syntax' but I'm not able to see the items inside my .db file

  34. those following should really create a venv before pip install flask. You're just exposing yourself to something going wrong otherwise.

  35. Avaible Items on Market

  36. Hello Jim, I struggle with some error for login form….This is my error…(user object has no attribute check_password_correction)….how to i solve this?

  37. I'm struggle with creating a login page..please help to me.

  38. In 4:29:19 inside prettier budget method he has written self.budget.Instead of self.budget can I simply write budget and and the following statement….Please help I am learning oops in python as a beginner 🙁 .Suggest me some good videos or websites how this works it will be really helpful for me.

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