neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|My Programming Workflow

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|My Programming Workflow


Neoweb4u|My Programming Workflow On this video I’m going by what my programming or coding workflow appears to be like like. How I construction a venture and find out how to strategy new …


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  1. Okay so who saw me in the water before I emerged so gracefully?

  2. It’s helped me out alot that you have to look up stuff too for my journey. 16 and have been doing html and css and now I’m just trying to get smoother at it with less looking up and moving to python next. Now I don’t feel bad about doing it. Seeing you build stuff helps me too cause I just use to think everybody just knew everything and didn’t ever have to look up. Thanks!

  3. Very informative , thank you।

  4. I believe in exactly what you said about showing the failures. I think they provide just as much benefit if not more benefit to the person watching because they can show how the person does back track and rethinks their approach and as other said it also shows that even the best developers run into issues.

  5. Sorry but I met 1 million times with your ADS which is very anoying, so I unsubscibe now from your chanel. 🙁

  6. Hey man, thanks for this! Needed this big time!!

  7. how to do reaserch on any topic?
    Just Give steps or questions ?

  8. Thanks for your videos! I lost my motivation after i just didnt had any ideas to make in programming in any language, I just started play games and do nothing. I hope ill be able to continue programming, I start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel after watching your videos and i start to get a bit more motivated again. 🙂

  9. the struggle to try to solve errors that we have never encountered, I just switched to linux and wanted to start a project with react and I have been looking all day for information about an npm error that when I go to create my app in react me I get four errors and I keep looking and I will continue until I solve it, but as you say it is nice and rewarding when you manage to solve it

  10. would you say the mac book air is sufficient for web dev ?

  11. This is an incredible video and exactly what I needed for motivation and to not feel as overwhelmed as a student starting off on projects! Amazing job, thank you!

  12. I just started learning coding from school, I finally found a YouTuber I can closely relate his struggles to.

  13. Aren't you doing touch typing with the 10 fingers? 9:04

  14. Thank you youngSir. This video will help me as a Junior tvOS developer.

  15. Well said Kalle reasearching at first is key.

  16. Cool place to start videos

  17. This I see a lot with millenials “software engineer”. They research solutions, instead of first under standing the problem you want to solve and the different possibilities there are. So requirements come first! Otherwise you don’t know what to research!

    I have to continuously refocus these 25-35 y/o, they automatically think in APIs and web frontends. Because that’s what they were taught or know.

    They draw a technology choice, without knowing yet what the real business problem is, what all requirements are and the rational of these requirements. Then where the data comes from, what systems supply it, how it’s supplied (why they don’t implement the gap), what the business value is, that can even be negative! What we need that data for, what security requirements are on the pieces of data. Especially in the EU with the GDPR, you need to decide on attributes level whether to accept it or not!

    And when we decide that an API is indeed useful (usually not for us, because we do bulk processing and want raw speed and are in secluded part of the networks because we deal with high security data), they always develop the business logic as a static part in the API code!

    I then again have to tell them, break loose the logic part in a library! To make more generic versions, not pass the json or the xml but pass the actual value. So that the business logic is generically reusable.
    And it’s easier testable!

    Then you’ll take that library and make a REST or SOAP interface around it.
    Which low and behold, is also easier testable as it only needs to test the parsing of the data into the generic parameters. And the actual business logical is already tested and known to work in its smallest parts!

    The reason to really segment it, is reusability and having the smallest failing parts isolated from each other.
    Because now we use a SOAP API next week we need a REST api and next month we may need to integrate it into Sailpoint or whatever.

    And efficient programming is something they can’t do either.
    They don’t think in terms parallelism, avoiding unnecessary system calls (which invoke context switches), splitting configuration (luckily modern frameworks at least have a Config file but that’s not the gold standard), data and logic.
    Last year I had a piece of code that was written in PowerShell. And it took about an 1.5 to run!
    I never did anything in PowerShell before. It having been taught lowlevel development I knew where they problem may be. I found the Object-Compare and having programmed in assembler and C/C++ I know that comparing objects are very inefficient, especially when 99% of the data is similar.
    So I looked up Microsoft’s code and I saw that it basically does (N*M)*2 which makes sense for a general purpose list comparison. But we only needed N*M because we knew the input was the Golden source. So that would let definition reduce it by half. But I realized I could speed it up with my own algorithm. I managed to do it single threaded in 7-10 minutes. And I wanted to parallelize it so I could reduce it to about 2-5 minutes or less. But the bank was already like: “this is significant! it doesn’t need to be that fast”. I however did refactor the code to be atomic and merge, if we needed it we just had to cut up the list in X amount of threads.

  18. E3 is more spectacular than those.

  19. Please please please can you make a bot that can automatically solve surveys and send it to me i will be very happy

  20. Hello, Video Editor Link does not work.

  21. he litteraly explained the usecase of objective oriented programming languages

  22. Please make a video on "How to deploy apps on Heroku using flutter"

  23. I am just a student but still this was very helpful.

  24. Wow i needed this. Im about to start a new project to learn Flutter lol

  25. Hi Kalle!

    Could you please make a video where you would explain how to build a programming PC? If you decide to make this video, could you please try to answer questions like:

    • What components are the most important for this type of PC?
    • What to aim for when building programming PC?
    • Does the build change if you are in different programming filed?

    • How to choose a programming monitor?
    • How many monitors is ideal for programming?
    • How to choose a chair?
    • …

    Thanks in advance if you decide to make this video!

    There isn’t a lot of good videos on how to make a programming setup, so I think a lot of people will like this video!

  26. Hej Kalle! Vad är det för hoodie du har, och vart kan man köpa den? Jag gillar den jättemycket och skulle vilja ha en likadan 🙂 Cheers!

  27. Kalle can you please make a video on how to setup VS Code for C/C++, Java and Python on Mac…..

  28. Can u make website for me (PAID)

  29. Where do you get your clothes at? I really like your outfits and just wondering where you got them!

  30. I'm building projects over on my channel and they are working, but I always get insecure about how clean or elegant my code is. I'm self taught, so I'm falling into the trap of, "if it works, then it works," which is great for my small projects. But I'm worried about these projects growing in scale. Videos like this help me out. Like what to do before you even start brute forcing through a project. Thanks for the video.

  31. i still do 'research' on stack overflow

  32. The keyboard is ducky one sf with razer keycaps??

  33. what app do you when code
    whart app do you use when you create app web ect.

  34. Wouldn't you do some tutorials cause they maybe helpful and successful

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