neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|WordPress Theme Improvement Tutorial 2020

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Answer|WordPress Theme Improvement Tutorial 2020


Neoweb4u|WordPress Theme Improvement Tutorial 2020 This wordpress theme tutorial will assist these seeking to make a brand new customized wordpress theme 2020.


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  1. I am trying to grow my channel, so if you find this video useful, #subscribe & hitting the #bell 🙂 Thanks for watching and hope you liked and learnt something new!

  2. How to remove node modules

  3. Hi Adrian ! I tried to put a background image but it doesn't work at all. Even when I change the color background I can't see the changement. How can I resolve this issue ?

  4. Is this tutorial good for beginner who doesn’t know much of programming basics. Would u recommend me to learn programming language first or u got it all covered in this video?

  5. Awesome, I had forgotten a lot, just refreshed my old 2013 memories of WP with this tut.
    Thank you! 💕

  6. thank you sir, god bless you for your awesome tutorial

  7. That's insanely impressive, but what's the use of doing that? The builders does the same thing in minutes. And yes, they talk about Google page speed, but many websites don't require SEO, and also, page speed is only one of multiple ranking parameters. Additionally, if you build a site like this and you lose your webmaster, it will cost you significantly more to maintain and fix than a regular wordpress site that every body and their dog can work on. So what is the true benefit of this type of building strategy?

  8. Hi Adrin! Thanks for this valuable tutorial. is javascript necessary for wordpress theme development or learning php is enough?

  9. Very clear and informative video … thanks ..❤

  10. I was checking the documentation and the templates that this theme is made of, a hero widget all ready exist, why don't you use this feature instead of making a hero section from scratch? can you explain please?, i am a beginner.

  11. whare to i find host file please tell mn

  12. I got a gem… Thanks man

  13. Love From Bangladesh, Thanks!

  14. Please pronounce your words more clearly

  15. omg your voice and so Pogi <3


  16. I downloaded node js. then I tried gulp watch but it didnt work.(gulp : The term 'gulp' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.)
    am I missing something?

  17. I am not sure what the npm thing was and ow you are coding in scss, I know css. How do we go about learning this in relation to wordpress? I think we wont need a page builder but people might not be able to change elements like image on home banner or something without page builder right?

  18. I’m on the iPad. If i down load WP app can i do this ? Or are you working in a external server ? I don’t have Xcode sadly but I have the GitHub app and working copy if I need to code and a few others . My host is go daddy on another site maybe I can use that ?

  19. nice tutorial, thanks for sharing, I just start to learn wordpress, got one question: I kind of don't see if it's much faster to design a website than Nextjs with UI component?

  20. Can you pleae post only the html pages for this project?

  21. Great tutorial thanks for putting the effort in. Do you know if Understrap and Woocommerce are compatible together?

  22. Thank you for the video, very helpful and accurate! I have a question, probably is trivial. Before exporting the theme, there is a way to optimize the package by removing unnecessary files created with understrap? Can it be done manually? Thank you 🙂

  23. gulp watch was not working for me, so here's what fixed it (for me): re-install Node but select the option "Recommended For Most Users", then it started working like a charm. Note: I did not need to uninstall Node, just install on top of whatever you already have previously installed.

  24. what happens if "gulp watch" is not working on my computer? anyone knows?

  25. please add subtitles to all videos

  26. Hi Adrian, have sent a message to your FB, please reply, if possible!

  27. where can i get that host folder added in 5 min

  28. I can not edit figma file. Showing "View only" if you give me the images link or editable figma link, I will be highly appreciated to you.

  29. Hi,

    I cannot upload images as he does on min 20:14.

    So basically, the background-image: url('../img/home-banner.png'); doest't work for me.

    The route seems ok. I can access the file correctly.

    Has anyone had the same problem?


  30. turn down the music. Great tutorial!

  31. dude, you are way too fast. This is not a beginner-friendly course at all. If you don't believe me just watch till 12m. You will get how fast he is and not telling everything in detail for beginners.

  32. I have problem! When i try to go to the backbeach.localhost it just goes to the wampserver Homepage. What have i done wrong?

  33. What command/package are you using that converts ".style" to "<div class="style"></div>"?

  34. I like your audio quality. You got yourself a great-sounding mic. Thanks

  35. where can i find that host folder from my computer

  36. how to get the edited file for figma UI, thanks

  37. Love the tutorial.
    However you need to slow down, and explain more on what you are doing.
    Perhaps it might be more beneficial to upload videos relating to each section you are working on, for example vid 1 prepairing working environment, vid 2 setting up header, vid 3 setting up footer, vid 4 setting up content area.
    For instance when setting up the working enviroment why do you use the compiler you have installed, as these are the questions your audience might be asking.

  38. Hello Adrian, Big thank you for Your video. You are the best. I have one question/problem. How to move the site from local to server live. What about sass? What to do to run it. Can You help. Big thanks you in advance.

  39. A good landing page tutorial but not a WordPress course. lost lots of WordPress utilities.

  40. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Althought I would loooooooove to see a woocommerce theme built too with a crazy css layout and with you showing how to hook default woocommerce elements with the custom html elements 😀

    Plz do thissss plzzz

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