neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|How Suburban Improvement Makes American Cities Poorer [ST02]

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|How Suburban Improvement Makes American Cities Poorer [ST02]


Neoweb4u|Watch the remainder of this sequence right here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJp5q-R0lZ0_FCUbeVWK6OGLN69ehUTVa Because of Sturdy Cities for the work they …


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  1. I have never hated capitalism as much as i do since learning about the suburbs

  2. If only we could give the government more money. Please let the know how I can contribute. They seem to spend it wisely.

  3. Ugly = Not A hodgepodge of random buildings, Devoid of Life = not living on top of one another, soul crushingly sterile = safe and clean. Attacking suburban development is not the way to better city's, but making city's a bit more, in your words, ugly, devoid of life and soul crushingly sterile may be.

  4. i live by brainerd wow

  5. Is it me or do I just prefer suburban over city

  6. GOD I love this channel and wish the city planners where I live would watch your videos

  7. Give me some property in the country or a decent house in the suburbs with a backyard and a garage over the city.

    They just aren't for me or for a lot of us. Noise pollution, general pollution, crime, smells like piss from the homeless, plenty of crackheads, everyone in a gawd damn rush, etc.

  8. If Americans had to pay for the gas in their cars as much as Europeans do, I'm pretty sure they'de more interested in building public transport networks and simply smarter neighbourhoods

  9. They might call it "the suburban experiment" but I know it as "white flight"

  10. nope, i get sick when i go into the city. too many people. too many cars. Nope nope

  11. lol All these people acting like this is common knowledge before hindsight and that their country was smart enough to avoid. No, they just didn't have the land to develop sprawled out suburbs to begin with.

  12. The old ways are still good. Spoken like a true conservative

  13. In Mexico is something similar, but less organized.

  14. I totally get where you’re coming from with the financials that makes sense, but I’ve lived in cities where everything is walking distance and I hate it. suburbia is the embodiment of the American dream and freedom and being able to do what you want when you want. I love driving my car and when I was in the city it was so hard to find parking or get around anywhere there’s too many people and I was miserable. I imagine if you’re really social and don’t like to drive or explore a city might be a good fit but I just like sticking to myself and eating in. I love the cheaper living, open spaces and quietness of the suburbs. I can literally go on a mountain hike in my backyard rather than walk down a crowded sidewalk.

  15. I like suburban housing (at least the type here in NJ) but I think it would definitely better if businesses were always closer. My ideal place would be single family housing with businesses in a walkable area if that is possible.

  16. walk you lazy bums. or make more money and/or budget better.

  17. Never thought about this but now I totally agree and I don't even live in the U.S

  18. I love how "soulcrushingly sterile" is not enough to give the idea of how bad urban planning in the US is

  19. Amsterdam in 2015 had a population of over 821,000. Greater Houston metropolitan area has approximately 7,000,000. It is impossible for Houston to exist as you propose. Not to mention Houston is so damn hot, a person would have a heat stroke if they walked any considerable distance. The solution? I’m retiring and will live at Prinsengracht 667 in Amsterdam. Piepers Pub is located across the street and I can walk to the Milkeg or the Paradiso whenever a great band is in town!

  20. Omg this video is so stupid it makes my head hurt. No clue of how cities are built in North America. And yes whole cites have completely died. You can go block after block with empty city buildings and will they forever remain empty because rent in that area is to expensive. Meanwhile the big box store down with the subdivision is making money.

  21. People will say you're being melodramatic, but you're right. It sucks having to drive literally everywhere. American society was duped into believing that mandatory car ownership makes us more "free" somehow, and everyone just rolled with it. Now our air is significantly less breathable, which has a very measurable impact on IQ, life span, and overall quality of health. Not to mention our hyper-dependency on fossil fuels. The top 0.1% really nailed us to the wall, huh?

  22. Do you explain in another video what the positive effects of the increased tax revenue per block are? It seemed to be the only objective reason you gave as to why suburbs are inferior, but it was a single number analysis where a lot of the story seems to be missing.. I'd like to know more.
    Edit: Not to mention, even that point was anecdotal, just an example of two city blocks. I'm assuming Strong Towns gives real data though so maybe I'll check them out.

  23. Okay, crazy thought but don’t the people with power want it exactly like this? Keep the poor immobile and unable to access new opportunity, so they can pay them $8/hr to work at the amazon warehouse and spend 110% of their pay cheque just on rent and insurance?

    Don’t see this changing anytime soon unless we can snip the big money from their political influence. And if you ask me, thats the real North American tradition… Big Money.

  24. City folks lecture country folks about nature

  25. General Motors won. They just want people driving so they have cars, and car services to make profit off of. Cars aren’t cheap to maintain over a year, and then some. Oil and gas make billions. Imagine how much money people would save if they didn’t have to spend 3-5k on your car a year. (Obviously that varies with insurance, oil changes, fluids, gas, service fees, mileage, taxes, car payments) it all adds up

  26. I hate the driving everywhere. It sucks

  27. Yes the endless sea of suburban housing and shopping centers can be depressing but I also don’t like the idea of having to live on top of each other or next to noisy businesses and having to take public transportation. I’ve traveled through Europe and while I do enjoy being able to take public transportation almost anywhere I can’t deny that I also love coming back home and getting in my comfortable clean car and going to my nice spacious supermarket without having to deal with crowds of people. There must be some sort of balance between the two that can be reached.

  28. Bruh Im like a few miles from Brainerd

  29. You sound like you're 18. Haven't officially joined the world yet.

  30. The problem is local city councils do not have the leverage to stand up to huge multi nationals

  31. European high streetscapes outside of major cities are being gutted by online shopping

  32. Bro this guy got some sort of agenda against suburbs 😂 wdym suburbs have failed they give people more space, more nature, less crime, cleaner and like he said businesses and houses aren’t built on top of each other (which is a good thing cause cities are made for businesses while suburbs is made for humans).

  33. 20.000 like … nice

  34. Clicked for taco johnss!!!!

  35. I get it, but how do you convince the American family to live in a condo above an antique store?

  36. 6:48 – Oh yeah? I raise you one Walmart

  37. i see beaver and ambridge pa. when i was young ambridge had so many stores 14 blocks long

  38. 0:42 OMG Constantinople is real fake news that is Constantinople

  39. i hear you, but living downtown suxxxxxx

  40. I think you just don't understand that people move to the suburbs because they like it. There are people that like cities, and people that don't. Different places for different people.

  41. As a European I see some positive aspects of suburbs. You can easily let the kid visit house nearby as the trafic is slow. Also no commerce,clubs restaurants mean less noise.

  42. -clicks on video
    -types Constantinople the only name
    -doesnt elaborate

  43. Randomly start getting these types of videos on my feed and now I have a new passion and interest in city planning and urbanization

  44. I like the American suburbia aesthetic

  45. I lived in a few cities over Québec, Canada. From Montréal to small towns. And the only thing that makes all theses cities bearable to live in is the old downtowns. Sometimes a street or sometimes a whole block or the whole downtown area. They were made to the human scale, were built before the suburb experiments and are the tourist attraction. All the reste of the space is a void where you exist only in suspention waiting for your holidays or work. Its funny how we maintain those patrimonial spaces in Canada but we keep drowning them into concrete and steel inhuman nonsense. There is a deep contradiction between the care we give to the old streets and builing and the refusal to build something like that today.

  46. Time-saving superhighways 🤣

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