neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Murderer's Creed Valhalla: Developer Commentary Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Murderer's Creed Valhalla: Developer Commentary Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


Neoweb4u|You have seen the world premiere cinematic trailer, now prepare for an in-depth breakdown of all the small print you’ll have missed. Be a part of Inventive Director, Ashraf …


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  1. I find this presentation very condescending and patronising. "Things that history doesn't say." You mean "things most people don't know because they don't care." There is a number of great books on the subject, and one doesn't need to be a scholar to find them. They say a lot of these things they mention as if they've just found out. Go to Dublinia museum in Dublin or the Jorvik Centre in York and you won't even need a book to learn the "things history doesn't say."

  2. 15:28 looks like different enemies will have different weak points, so instead of just depleting health, we hit those weak points to assasinate them?

  3. This is not AC, this is Raid Shadow Legends

  4. That is not Odin it is Tyr!!!

  5. Thank God they didn't use the word "odyssey"

  6. After watching 30 minute leaked game
    I assure you that it is a good game?
    Does it have Vikings? Yes
    Are they Brutal? Yes
    Is it cool ? Yes

    Is it ac? No
    So please stop calling it assassin's creed
    Your giving people a reason to hate the game
    Just give it a new name
    Make it a new IP

    Remove any mention of peices of Eden
    Remove modern day section if it has any

    Just change the name
    Cause it is definitely not assassin's creed
    It is a good rpg though

    Just freaking change the Name

  7. Stop calling it assassin's creed
    That's a lie and insult to ac fan base
    Just change the name

  8. 15:47 UGH!
    You're telling me that in split-second it would take for Saxon to cut Eidar's throat open, he somehow raised his arm and stabbed Saxon in the eye? Is his full name Eidar Flash McTimeStopsky?
    I hate it. I want to play as Saxons and defend my country against invading scum.

  9. What a pointless video.
    PC throws an axe
    Ashraf: "See how he's throwing an axe? In our game you can throw axes, that's an ability you can acquire in the game"

  10. Это позор для ассасинс, вы убили игровой процесс своей аркадой. Бойкот для этого говна обеспечен.
    Верните старую боёвку

  11. Alfred wasn't called "the Great" until long after his death.

  12. Is Kassandra/Alexios the great ancestor of the Miles family, I know the son of Bayek and Aya died but Kassandra/Alexios still exist he/she might mated another just for the blood line to continue

  13. Who’s here after Ashraf stepped down from the job

  14. Ashraf Ismail my favorite AC director left the AC: Valhalla project because of cheating accusations. Guess this really isn't our year 🤦

  15. Please, no blurry textures in distance like in Origins and Odyssey. Or, give us a choice.
    Please, can you bring camera closer to the protagonist. Or, give us a choice.
    More robes like outfits, with beautiful, !60 Fps! cloth physics.
    Hidden blade one-shot kills. Otherwise, all immersion goes away.
    Thank you!

  16. Hey Ubisoft Can Next Assassin's Creed Game be Afrika Ethiopian Aksum Aksumite Kingdom Assassin's Creed 3 Reason Ethiopia is Beautiful place Naturally 2 Ethiopia Aksum an it's people History goes alway back to Pharaoh's Egypt Dynasty History 3 Ethiopian Aksum Had there Own Weaponry and Armour Clothing they also fought the Resistant foreigners powers and Ethiopia has 90 something ethic groups Ethiopia is Big Ras Nagash King's an Warrior's of Ethiopia Aksumite power Aksumite has Great Cavalry Men an they mad there own Clothes an Armour Weaponry especially the War between Yahoness and Menilik II too Great Afrika Ethiopian Warrior's an Leaders pls check this out it going to be so Awesome 🙌🙌🙌 💯

  17. One of the things I didn't like in Origins is that you basically HAD to use a shield (I have never willingly used a shield in any game I have ever played) so the fact that you can customize your combat experience so much in this game, and that duel-wielding is going to be so big, is definately something I'm excited about.

  18. I love the AC Valhalla logo, such smart design with the two axes like that gg.

  19. The demographics of this video is the same as most of Scandinavia, especially Sweden. No more Vikings left, all are just as weak as the Saxons.

  20. Why can't you fix that bug in assassin's creed black flag where you can't get 100% if you have max upgrades on ram with extra ability. When you try to do damage with ram to ship named royal african pearl to get the step done it doesnt work. i have game completed 99% and i cant get 100%. Pls fix!!!!!

  21. Why not Ragnar lodbrok it would ve matched w vikings too

  22. Darby McDevitt has written some amazing things in the AC series. Seeing that he is narrative director gives me hope we will see a return to a true AC game and an epic tale

  23. Two legends in the gaming world. The franchise literally belong to these two

  24. Just make clear. It was not norway, Denmark. It was Denmark, norway that sail to england

  25. Aren't those Norman shields… Or were similar ones used by Saxons as well

  26. Unpopular opinion: I want them to make a muppets Assassins Creed
    Assassins creed: The Brotherhood Connection
    The Templars,The Brotherhood And Me. As the Muppet Studio falls thanks to the acts of Templars making it a base,Kermit seeks the help of the assassins. Becuase of the Muppets being celebrities are bound to be seen by the public so they must work in the dark to serve the light.

  27. Well we have finally reached a point where there has to be gender selection or people will be offended good job humanity

  28. please I want a true multiplayer and that this to use another character that is for the benefit of others is optional I really liked the franchise and the multiplayer of uniti something similar would come in handy and more in this game that I would like to enjoy with my friends is It would be the perfect game for the multiplayer like that of uniti. thank you and good luck with Assassins Creed Valhalla believe me it will be my favorite thank you for everything

  29. Ubisoft crew discusses about blade above arm

    Darius: Seriously??? What about me?!

  30. You know what’d be super cool? If the settlement is attacked at some point and you get to defend it and form a shield wall for a bit

  31. That statue is not Odin. Odin has two hands

  32. All I want is for them to sort out the god damn camera angle in this game. It's 2020, give us the zoomed in over the shoulder camera angle like God of War and every other modern third person game. The zoomed out, character central view looks dated, cheap and disconnects the player from the world. Sort it out Ubisoft.

  33. Really hope they gave Netflix some kickback. Wonder if we will find uthred in game.

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