neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Stress-Free Sport Improvement: Powering Up Your Studio With DevOps

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Stress-Free Sport Improvement: Powering Up Your Studio With DevOps


Neoweb4u|On this 2020 GDC Digital Discuss, Butterscotch Shenanigans’ Seth Coster walks via how his group discovered to make use of DevOps to get extra accomplished whereas working much less.


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  1. I get training from major corporations in the programming and consulting field, and this was such a good presentation that it beats all that I've seen so far.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Hope Sam's doing well. I remember his blogs on gamasutra about doing game dev with cancer. Inspired me to do a games development degree.

  3. this is such a weird watch since i work on SaaS products and this is my life as a coder, so i just thought game development did the same stuff.

    the game development field needs to take a look into what the software field is doing

  4. This has to be the best GDC talk ever.

  5. How to you send out a bata and not know about 2000 bugs i can understand a few even 100 but you didn't realise you had 2000 bugs wow

  6. This is full of Lean6 methodology. Great talk.

  7. Thanks for putting this together. It is nice to see it laid out with examples.

  8. This stuff seems like business 101. Obviously crunch and buggy releases are failures of management and the process. This stuff should be the rare exception and should elicit major changes in those rare cases. A whole industry is run on terrible business practices with only a few better examples within it.

  9. People are called veterans in other fields as well…

  10. Something every business should listen to, not only games. This is so much more general. Thank you!

  11. This talk also has great implications for software development in general – have worked in plenty of web dev/software dev with continuous deployment/integration environments that never got the process quite right and really investigate the bottlenecks. Good food for thought.

  12. Can't press the like button hard enough…

  13. Thanks for such an insightful presentation. I'm a solo developer but I think this will help me greatly as well.

  14. THIS. When I went to college for game dev I was garbage at coding, art, music; everything.
    So, once I finally started going I had to put in a huge effort compared to others to create quality projects. Which worked out great since I started to top everyone in the entire surrounding area.

    BUT! The cost of that messed me up later, no sleep for days at a time to grind out features and fix bugs often ones I'd make worse. Consuming 3-5 Mega Monsters a day! Sometimes a couple within a few hours. Destroyed my social life with other great devs that I could've been working with and making better projects with.
    The cost of becoming good really fast and pump out projects was so high.

    And I realized once I stopped all that, put 4-7 hours aside for game dev each day my passion for each project was always high and rarely lowering. I'm constantly pumping out content for my projects and being able to add more to each update than expected. And what I'm able to create is more diverse and less stressful.

    I feel every college and any online-learned game dev should be shown this talk and study it. If I ran a college class this talk would be the first test within the first week.

  15. A lot of this just seems to be basics of project management

  16. this is one of those things that trips up small teams and that smart people learn to fix. sadly large teams too big to fail never fix these problems. <3 small teams, nice talk

  17. To by honest I don't really care if game developer is sock

    I'm solo developer and I have realize that meny off my project I will not release eny time soon however I still don't give up because that is the hobby I enjoy more and I know that I don't take any money and I don't know and don't have eny team for work with my even know that I still don't give up do you know way because I love to create video games even if Don't know wean this I will release this games even don't what happened after that is dasn't really matter if Saman are better developer that my but If or even the game I'm working never release because I do the stuff I enjoy to by honest I love create video games that Mach that I'm thinking to searching for work in game studio

  18. I was listening to this thinking that it sounded exactly like the Phoenix Project. Glad you recommended it at the end of the video. Great book! Thanks for the talk.

  19. amazing, does the creator of this talk have a more detailed breakdown of all of the tools he uses for productivity etc?

  20. Really amazing talk. Great value for every developer, artist, and team. Very cool to hear the journey of your studio.

  21. Wonderful example of Goldratt's teaching implemented

  22. Amazing talk, I'm currently trying to start a business and this talk was gold! Thank you so much for sharing your lessons. 🙂

  23. I always felt like I was doing it wrong, just wasn't sure how to make it easier on myself. Thank you!

  24. Great talk, thank you! But oh my gosh when you said it's important to ask "can we not," I just imagine a level designer wanting to throw in a puzzle room and the ragged game dev sighing and saying, "okay but can we not???"

  25. Its fascinating how oblivious people are when they crunched 80 hours a week to gain success, and then come and talk about how you should not do that. There is a reason that all the greats had the exact same experience, and no, its not cus "muh bad society" or some other shit. Its because it works. This is why we will never have another Mozart. We consider hard work and grinding "oppressive". Maybe greatness requires "oppression".

  26. This is just good business advice for anything from production to retail

  27. Gosh this is so clickbaity and magic bullety. I don't dig it.

  28. This applies to not just gamedev but a wide range of disciplines. Thank you for the great talk.

  29. 20 years software engineering. I've heard of worst, but as an architect/tech lead, I would have changed the whole pipeline. The Art people should of had a way of implementing the art without the Developer!!! Madness!!!

  30. It's amazing how this applies to other industries as well. There's so much wastage and inefficiency in general corporate culture.

  31. Thank you very much for the speech! It is all really valuable to me

  32. נכון. גיימ דיבלופמנט סאקס גם עם מוליטמדיה פיוז'ן וגם לי חברי קראו אפילו פעם אחת "ווטראן".

  33. Dev-ops works. Hardest part for me back in the day was getting other people on board. Has to come from the top to have a chance. Also, why does Sam have so much more hair? Is he adopted?

  34. never knew James McAvoy went to gamedeving after filming "Split"…

  35. He sound like the Khan Academy guy

  36. This was quite an eye opening vid after releasing my first commercial game. Really solid points especially about automating manual work. Can't tell you how much of a game changer even a simple script to publish to all platforms has been for my small game. And all of the new stuff(automating trello, changelists) is the next step.
    That said, where am I going to get a motivated QA team?

  37. This is cool and all, but games like final fantasy VII and countless other games have minigames, side quests, genre changes, character changes, extra content, secrets, and even multiple modes that are underused or used for one scene/purpose that could so easily be called 'Extra features that need to be cut', but is what makes those game unique.

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