neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Three-storey constructing in Egypt collapses killing mom and kids

neoweb4u|Web site Developer I Advertising I Social Media Advertising I Content material Creators I Branding Creators I Administration I System Resolution|Three-storey constructing in Egypt collapses killing mom and kids


Neoweb4u|A 3-storey constructing has collapsed in Asyut, Egypt, killing a mom and her two kids. Constructing collapses are a typical incidence in Egypt on account of unlawful …


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  1. Omg I’m in Cairo and Egyptian please help😣

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  3. They build them just like the pyramids!!!!!😏

  4. According to the Bloomberg International Economic Newspaper, Egypt is now the first country in the world in building new cities and huge infrastructures. Can this website talk about this topic?

  5. Can you talk about the collapse of buildings in Qatar and Turkey that happen a lot, the last of which is the devastating earthquake in Izmir?

  6. Thank You 4 Sharing! 😔

  7. Sad for Egyptian brothers and sisters. Love from Pakistan

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